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Document Management and Litigation Support

Document Management

Document Management
Triage Data Solutions is a full-service document management company specializing in scanning, printing, photocopying, optical character recognition (OCR), electronic document conversion and database coding.
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What is Document Management?
Document Management converts paper files into computer files, thus allowing for easier storage, retrieval and searching of information. For example, imagine you need to find all documents authored by a client or pertaining to a business transaction in a specific year. Searching through reams of paper files is time consuming. Searching electronically through computer files created using Document Management, the search is completed in a matter of seconds.

Document Management is composed of:
  • Bringing documents into the system via document scanning and other methods.
  • Accessing information from the document management system via ocr (optical character recognition), database indexing and other methods.
A powerful solution to managing your documents is now at your fingertips with Triage Data Solutions.Our document management expertise in a wide-variety of industries translates into savings for your organization, as increased productivity improves your bottom line.
Why use Document Management?
Ask yourself; is your organization as efficient and profitable as it could be?
  • Does your staff's time management suffer from having to go through box after box of paper to find vital information?
  • Does your company spend time and money making numerous photocopies?
  • Is your staff juggling documents between departments or sharing copies of necessary material?
  • Do documents get lost in the shuffle or in paper-logged filing systems?

What Triage Data Solutions can do for you!
Leverage document management for maximum efficiency with our experienced and highly skilled personnel. Fast, accurate service is immediately available to you with our full range of document management services. Our specialty is litigation support.
Contact Us to take advantage of our customized solutions and our latest technologies that improve your productivity and bottom line.

Our Document Management services include:
  • Scanning
  • Indexing
  • OCR [Optical Character Recognition]
  • Electronic Document Capture
  • Software and hardware sales and support
  • Digital printing and copying

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