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Electronic Discovery

The Challenge and the Need

Today, companies do business electronically, meaning important documents are stored electronically on servers and hard drives. Experts estimate that traditional discovery collects only 50 per cent of the available evidence, leaving 50 percent of evidence, electronic evidence, untouched. Searching thousands, sometimes millions, of files that exist in electronic format — such as emails, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets — in order to find the few key documents, is an enormous and complex undertaking. Yet, an electronic document might contain information that could make or break your case.

Once your electronic evidence has been gathered, you need a way to efficiently review it for relevance and privilege. Triage can provide you with an inexpensive load file for Summation, Concordance or other program that will allow you to review the native files and tag what you want to convert to images. This is very cost-effective in cases where approximately 50% of the electronic files may be irrelevant. The duplicates are marked, or excluded, and we can run search terms to limit what you need to review even further. Once you decide what you need to produce, we can convert those electronic files directly to image files for less than the cost of printing to paper. With years of experience and the latest technology, Triage can make electronic discovery a seamless part of your discovery process. Proper document management and litigation support from Triage Data Solutions turns the overwhelming task of Electronic Discovery into an efficient and profitable one. Our team has managed numerous large and complex e-discovery projects.

With Triage, produce only relevant documents from all the electronic files gathered for litigation, regulatory compliance, or government investigations.

The Triage Approach

The ways in which Triage can assist in Electronic Discovery are as unique as the case which you are dealing with. Some ways in which we have assisted firms to be more efficient and cost effective:

  • Production of a database of native documents, with searching capabilities that allowed review of pertinent information specific to the case.
  • Cost reductions of more than 50% when the client reviewed the database of native files that Triage provided, choosing only the relevant items to have converted to images.
  • Conversion of electronic files directly to images for less than the cost of printing to paper, thereby also preventing release of “hidden” data.

The Process

  • Data Acquisition
  • Filtering of material including, deduplication, removing other non-responsive files (as per clients instructions)
  • Text and metadata extraction
  • Image creation
  • Images and metadata are imported into a viewing platform for easy review and production

With years of experience, many satisfied customers and expert staff, Triage takes the work out of Electronic Discovery.
You receive:

  • Scanned images
  • Searchable text of the document
  • Valuable metadata that exist

Our process eliminates the need to print and then scan the documents to images.