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Our office is open but some staff are working from home during the COVID-19 epidemic. Please call before sending a courier to the office to be sure there will be someone to receive them.

Coding/Data Entry

Triage offers data entry, or tombstone coding, by our experienced in-house staff as well as offering less expensive offshore options. Regardless of the project, we can capture the relevant data that will let you quickly sort and find the documents as you need them.

Typical information that we code from the documents are:

  • Document Number
  • Date
  • Author(s) [Company]
  • Recipient(s) [Company]
  • Document Type
  • Document Title
  • Source

If there are different pieces of information that you need captured, just let us know.  We can code into an Excel spreadsheet format, which you can attach as a Schedule A to your List of Documents, Affidavit of Records, etc., or we can provide you with a .csv or .dat load file to import directly into your database.  If you aren’t using a database we can provide hyperlinks to the pdf images for easy access.

What is a database how does it help you?  Suppose you need to find all the documents authored by a certain person in 1995. Using traditional paper-based methods, this is very time-consuming. Using a database that’s been indexed, this search would take only seconds.

Advantages of using a database:

  • Sort all documents or just a subset to view in the order you want
  • Search within all documents or a subset to find what you need quickly
  • Organize into different categories, add notes, and track where those documents are sent or how they are used

Triage supports many different database programs, including Ipro Eclipse SE, Summation iBlaze, Case Logistix, Casemap, Reveal, Relativity and more.  See our Web Hosting page for more details.  We are also certified trainers for Eclipse SE, iBlaze and Reveal.