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Our office is open but some staff are working from home during the COVID-19 epidemic. Please call before sending a courier to the office to be sure there will be someone to receive them.

Document Scanning/Imaging

Triage has an experienced team of document scanning personnel available for any sized project. Any size or shape document can be scanned, including fragile or over-sized items; any output format can be produced, including single or multi-page TIFF, searchable or image-only PDF, JPG, etc. Load files can also be provided to link the images to your particular software.  You can be confident that Triage will get the job done accurately, cost effectively, and on time.

Benefits of Document Imaging:

  • Find important records quickly from a central repository.
  • Gain control of who has access to certain documents, audit trails are created.
  • Reduce security vulnerability.
  • Lost documents are no longer an issue.
  • Reduce document storage costs.
  • Free up valuable office space for revenue generation.

Archival Scanning

Do you have boxes and boxes of paper that you are paying to store in expensive office space?  Are you paying to retrieve documents from off-site storage, and waiting hours or days for the boxes to arrive, only to realize, you needed a different box?  Why not have those important records scanned to searchable pdf files, and organized in a manner that would allow you to find documents quickly.  We have cost effective solutions, and you will wonder why you waited so long to have this done!

Electronic Record Books

Have you just finished a transaction such as a banking, security or M&A matter and now think you need to create binders of paper for your client, other parties, and/or your own records? Instead, we can scan one copy, create a digital table of contents from your index and put it all on a usb.  Even last minute changes are easy to implement. Very slick, easy to use, and much less costly than photocopying—especially if you need multiple copies.  Go Green! Your clients will love it!