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Our office is open but we are working from home to do our part during the COVID-19 epidemic. We do not anticipate any disruption in service during this time as all staff have full access to their office computers, and work emails. Please email us any correspondence requiring a timely response as well as prior to sending projects via courier.

Web Hosting

Litigation today is more complex and multi-jurisdictional, making the requirement for real-time collaboration of information that much more critical. Information often needs to be shared with opposing counsel, co-counsel, clients, experts and witnesses, and it can cause major stress on a firm’s technology infrastructure, not to mention the significant up front financial expense required to purchase the necessary software applications.

With Triage Data Solutions’ web hosting services you’ll have everything you need to stay connected to your litigation document repository anytime anywhere, without IT anguish or significant upfront investment. All of your data will be safely stored in Canada on our secure centralized server with offsite backup. Our hosting solutions offer remote access from any web browser, including Safari, making it easy for clients to collaborate and quickly review the documents in their case. In addition, these tools offer built in analytics and powerful SQL searching to find what you’re looking for faster than in a basic database. Here are just some of the features:

  • Granular security to allow others access to only certain documents, only certain fields, and only selected functions, as you decide.
  • Email threading to review and tag entire conversations.
  • De-duplication to quickly identify exact duplicate documents.
  • Near-duplication to review and compare differences between similar documents.
  • Auto-generated clusters group together documents of similar content.
  • Auto-generated quick entities to find documents by sender, receiver, domain, people, places or organizations mentioned in the document.
  • Tag documents then quickly “skip” over documents already reviewed.
  • Create folders to arrange documents as you would with paper, but then sort the contents by any field available.
  • Technology assisted review (“TAR”) to teach the program documents that are relevant and irrelevant so it can find the documents most relevant to your case.
  • Triage handles the IT support, infrastructure, training and loading of data
  • Exchange relevant documents with other parties electronically, or export data to import into your in-house program.

With our web hosted solution we take care of setting up your case and the initial import of data, but you can then import data from anywhere as needed.  For a complimentary demo please call (1.866.784.7226) or email (